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Marketing Baby Steps into February

Many small businesses do not have a marketing plan. They rarely update their websites, and typically only do so when they can get their “web guru” to return their email or phone call. They update their social media accounts when they get around to it on a rainy Saturday afternoon…flooding the accounts with pictures and out-of-context information all on one day. It’s daunting. Small businesses think that they have to plan for the whole year and who has time for that when you are trying to bring in business, order inventory, get orders shipped and pay the bills?

Take Baby Steps!

2016 Marketing Starts Now!

It’s January 2016 as I write this. Plan now for February. Just February. To make it easy, use Valentine’s Day as inspiration for the month and capitalize on this holiday to promote a special or new product. If you are new to marketing, start small. Plan to post 1 (blog, Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook) post a week for the month of February. Use or to add some hearts or cupids to your promotion. Here is a step by step guide for February.

  1. Pick 4 topics, products or services you want to talk about for the month; one for each week.
  2. Assign 1 topic for each week of the month and note it in a calendar.
  3. Think of creative ways to tie the topic into Valentine’s Day or Winter. Write your content. Keep it short.
  4. Create a graphic for each topic using or
  5. Post your content on the same day every week. Pick a day that you know you will be available to do this.

If you feel overwhelmed by the list above, make #4 optional. Try just 1 graphic for the month of February.

Don’t go for perfection. Just post something of value. Talk about a feature. Share what other customers “love” about your product. Ask customers to share what they love. February is one of the simplest months to start with. Go. Start now. You have the rest of January to kick it up in February.

If you need help, contact me at I’ll help you get started with the next few months or just for February.